Self-Talk: Make It Work For You

What do you know about your self-talk? It has been said that if we don’t know that we talk to ourselves, we are crazy, but if we do know, it means we’re sane – not the other way around! So let’s see, who’s in charge of my self-talk, what’s it about and what is its Continue reading »

The Mood Gym

Create a happier and more stable mood Here are some of our thoughts behind a good mood gym workout. Where we can we keep our moods happy, real and motivated? After all, we all want to be happier, not just sometimes, but always, right?  This means we’re free from reacting to things around us because Continue reading »

Mindfully Emotional

No matter what our belief, our faith or our political standing may be, we can still get along with everyone.  It’s quite a tall order to ask from ourselves, and yet it’s not only possible, but essential, if we want to make our lives meaningful and leave an impact.  All it requires from us is Continue reading »

The Immune Mechanism the Soul

We all know that when we catch a cold our immune system kicks into action. In fact, it is working behind the scenes all the time to keep us well. It is constantly on the look-out for any foreign bacteria or virus, and ready to act. How about on a soul level? Does the soul Continue reading »

Thrive 24/7: Relationships

What gives us the most trouble on earth? Maybe it is just that one person, or if you’re lucky more than one! They seem to have been purposely put on this earth just to give us trouble or so it feels. We can easily imagine the thoughts, feelings and experiences of such relationships. If I Continue reading »

Thrive 24/7: Live and Be Present

Are you present here and now? Or are you going over and over the past? Or are you worrying about the future? How much time a day do you spend in the past, present and future? Usually we are so caught up with the past and future that the present is the time we are Continue reading »