How Do I Love Me?

A. What stops me from loving myself? The first thing that stops us from loving ourselves is self-rejection. Check: How often do I reject myself? Every time I reject myself I prevent myself from taking action and growing, for this I need to acknowledge and accept myself first. B. What is self love based on? Continue reading »

Beating Anger

Anger is a form of violence. It is a negative energy. We are actually positive and powerful beings and anger is the enemy of our natural state. When there is conflict within me, the signal is pain. It is telling me that there‚Äôs something that needs to be resolved physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I Continue reading »

7 Secret Formulae for Peace Full Living

True happiness is to be content wherever I am, whatever I am doing and whatever is happening. 1. Event + Response = Outcome What do I want the outcome to be? Then I can choose the response to the event to attain that outcome. 2. Involvement + Ownership = Commitment When I involve others in Continue reading »

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