Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)

Nothing is so big that we can’t overcome it and lift ourselves up again. Fear What creates fear? – Past experiences (a car accident, an argument?); worries about the future (of failing in your job, of loss of someone dear?); not knowing (maybe about death?) and beliefs we are holding about life and relationships (believing Continue reading »

The Matrix Factor – What is Reality?

What is real? What is life’s foundation? What makes something ‘a truth’? What makes something real and not a dream? Could this be a dream? How do we know that this isn’t a dream? Could it be that we are asleep and dreaming? The film The Matrix explored these themes. The Matrix is about waking Continue reading »

Taming Tension

Tension arises when we are not in charge of our inner energies. So, take a minute… this is a tool to tame tension. Just stop and assess your thoughts and elevate them. What creates tension, this pressure that destroys our joy of living? Separation from our true self, having to deal repetitively with too many Continue reading »

Get Off Your “But”

THE TRUTH: * I create my own limitations by making the excuse of not having enough talents, or I have too high/low expectations of myself which generate fear of failing. * I live within castle walls which I have created from others’ and my own perceptions about myself, which block the release of my potential. Continue reading »

Thought Power

Thoughts are the one power that I have in my hands. Watch your thoughts because they become your actions, then your habits, personality and destiny. 1. Thoughts affect feelings and mood My feelings and emotions are the resultant effect of my thoughts.Every positive thought adds to my energy and every negative thought drains my energy. Continue reading »

Stop Being Your Symptoms – Be Yourself

Why is it that we tend to pay more attention to our problems and their symptoms than to all the things in our life that are going well or right? Have you noticed that the more time we spend thinking about our problems the bigger they become? So, why do we choose to focus on Continue reading »

The Art of Doing Nothing

The world drives us to do more and more, to achieve more and more, to succeed more and more. There is nothing wrong with this in itself. However, when this behaviour becomes driven… the more restless we feel inside…the more compelled we become to do/achieve/succeed… the needier we feel inside… the more we need to Continue reading »

Reflection – Here to Eternity

There are 3 aspects to time – where I have been, where I now am and the vision I hold of where I am going or where I would like to be. To experience ‘timelessness’ we need to be aware of these three aspects, as this helps us to live more or more in the Continue reading »

Thought: Inner Plumbing

Program: How to fix and grow in your own understanding every week by changing your perspective being in the silent witness stage. 1. Start with some fun: Game:100 Blessings. Rules: Find 100 good things from morning until evening or make notes of the things that touch you throughout the day. 2. Become detached; create enough Continue reading »

Finding Creative Mind Solutions

Nothing can be created …it just changes form. Creativity in life means emerging all the virtues and qualities which already exist within me. First, see how the mind works. When you make your mind your best friend, your life becomes wonderful. These are the boxes in our minds. Aim: Move everything into the magic box. Continue reading »

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