Living Outside the Box

We may think outside the box, but are we actually living outside of it, dreaming that we are living outside of it or choosing to live within it? What is this box?The box most of us find ourselves living in is the one of our past. We know we are in it whenever we feel Continue reading »

Freedom from Worry

Our thoughts: Our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts create our feelings and so our day. Our thoughts are our one constant companion, sometimes coming to us as our friends and at other times as our enemy. When they come as friends we feel light and free and when as our enemy heavy and trapped. Continue reading »


Today for many of us our trust in ourselves and others is clouded and sometimes we are not even sure if we are our negativity or not. Some signs that I am not currently trusting myself are: forgetfulness, fluctuation, procrastination, carelessness (I don’t care), laziness (I can’t be bothered), indecision, guilt, worry, confusion (I don’t know) Continue reading »

Don’t Get Anger-ed, Get Wise!

This is the age of rage. Road rage. Trolley rage. Air Rage. Net rage. It’s now official according to a recent article in The Sunday Times. Why do we become irritated/angry? Usually it is because we are reacting to not getting what we want or to others not doing/being as we want them to do/be. Continue reading »

The Art of Abundance

When you discover what you were born to do, the song you were born to sing, then everything cooperates with you to grow, learn and do and you feel that you are living a life of abundance. To experience a life of abundance focus on: ~ what you have, rather than on what you feel Continue reading »

Ego – With or Without It

There are two forms of ego: one says: I am better than… and the other says: I am not as good as… So, what is it to be without ego? It is to hold a vision of equality, without comparing, accepting differences and enjoying them. With Ego: Judging/comparing others and the self Asks: how are Continue reading »

Focus of Attention

Where attention goes energy flows Why do we want ‘focus of attention’? When we have a lot of things calling for our attention what tends to happen? We become distracted, unable to concentrate, confused, indecisive, and our energy is dissipated. Focus of attention is not about having less demands but the ability to focus our Continue reading »

Inner Wizard – Deep Inner Magic

In mythology wizards appear in the roles of advisors to overthrown kings empowering them to regain their lost kingdoms. What are the abilities of a powerful wizard? 1. To have focused and concentrated thoughts (mastery of the mind) Has it ever happened that you have thought of something… and then it has happened? This is Continue reading »

Que Sera Sera

To be able to say, “Que Sera Sera – whatever will be will be” you need to let go of fear. Then you’ll be able embrace whatever life brings. Our purpose is to create the right type of energy in our consciousness so that we can be happy and generate what we need. Freedom is Continue reading »

Meditation is Boring?

Check out with yourself the stages of meditation and see where you are. First stage: Thinking– equivalent to the waves on the surface of an ocean. Second stage: Feelings– equivalent to the currents beneath the waves. Currents are your conditionings; they keep you in a comfort zone and don’t allow you to go any further. Continue reading »

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