Inner Detective

We all have our own inner resources, we can use them creatively or destructively. Sometimes our weaknesses are our strengths, different sides of the same coin. We need to detect our destructive thoughts as well as our creative ones. Mission: To catch the criminals. First step: Be detached from what you ‘see’ whilst doing the Continue reading »

Use of Inspiration

What is inspiration? Inspiration can be: – the stimulation and awakening to a higher way of consciousness. – divine influence or guidance on the mind. How do they come? Do they just drop into our lives or do they drop into a fertile ground? One can never know. Pablo Neruda says: “Poetry came in search Continue reading »

Power of Clarity

How much clarity do we have about our world and ourselves? What is your view and understanding of this world? What is your view and understanding of yourself? Who am I? Am I just this body or am I more than this? The body replaces itself continuously; the whole of our skin is in fact Continue reading »

Good Feelings

What has happened so far today – big or small – that resulted in you feeling – however fleetingly – good? Scan back through the day. Maybe it was a blue sky, a smile, completing a project, a phone call, an email, your cat, catching that bus, etc? It is rare that there will not Continue reading »

Fear Less Encounters

There are lots of situations in which we ‘encounter’ fear, but generally these turn out to be not as challenging as we were expecting them to be. The worry is all in our minds. The key to fearlessness is to be detached and then to step into the core of my real self. In situations Continue reading »

Heart Talk: Inner Critic or Coach

A coach: – is a friend – is unconditional – finds way to encourage, appreciate, build on things – has love, has belief in the one whom he is coaching – challenges you to come out of your comfort zone – knows what is beneficial – sees things in a positive way – is encouraging, Continue reading »

Building Synergy

Synergy is about co-operatively using our skills and qualities to achieve something greater than would be possible by working separately. Why do we clash? Usually we are just mis-understanding each other. We tend to assume other people’s mind work as ours do! However: other people’s minds won’t necessarily be reasoning as mine is, and so Continue reading »

Heart Maintenance

The greatest task the human race is facing right now is to put the past behind us. Truth is calling us to return to our original state of goodness. Today hearts are broken. Everyone seems to have experienced some form of sorrow or hurt in their life. A lot of this hurt is now of Continue reading »

What causes anger?

Cause of anger: Expectations, possessiveness, emptiness inside. Measure of anger: Irritation and frustration are the indication… I am not getting what I want. Realize: I have become dependent on something external to me and so vulnerable to anger. Learning to control It’s powerful to know that you have a choice. S- Stand back: when you Continue reading »


As is your vision, so is the world for you. If I have the vision “Everything is as it should be,” then there are no mistakes. To get all these four- seeing, feeling, thinking and doing- into alignment: Be proactive. Act when there’s need. Don’t stop to think because when there’s doubt – questioning – Continue reading »

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