Calling All Angels

Angels and devils. Have you ever heard the saying that a devil sits on your left shoulder and an angel on your right one? This is apparently why if you spill some salt you should throw some over your left shoulder, so as to dislodge that devil that is sitting there. When we think about Continue reading »

Life Makeover – Self Esteem

We create our world and so we have the choice and responsibility to determine its flavour. How do I value, esteem or appreciate myself? Do I even at all? If not, maybe it is time for a life makeover! All around there are adverts for makeovers, but for how long do they last? Instead why Continue reading »

When To Make Yes/No Decisions

When you don’t know what you want it is not so easy and… We tend to say ‘yes’ when we should be saying ‘no’ because of – the influence of others or – the influence my own personality. – losing sight of purpose in life. Or we say ‘no’ when we should be saying ‘yes’ Continue reading »

Stop. Start.

1) Stop Blaming/Complaining – Start Creating/Solving. 2) Stop Worrying – Start Living (Living on past or future to in the present). 3) Stop Regreting –  Start Forgiving (“I’m no good/got it wrong again” to forgiving even if its 100  times a day). 4) Stop Resisiting –  Start Accepting (Why me? How? What? When? to resolution Continue reading »

How To Beat Confusion

Confusion is like being unable to see the fuller or bigger picture altogether, rather i see so many pieces but have no idea what to make of the small pieces. Clarity doesn’t mean knowing everything rather it is like putting the frame of the puzzle together first, then after that the pieces come together. The Continue reading »

Solutions In A Nutshell

O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space–were it not that I have bad dreams.”Hamlet, William Shakespeare. The way the world ‘presents’ to me is a mirror reflecting back to me how I see it. So if I am seeing problems/threats then my construct is that Continue reading »

Inner Detective

We all have our own inner resources, we can use them creatively or destructively. Sometimes our weaknesses are our strengths, different sides of the same coin. We need to detect our destructive thoughts as well as our creative ones. Mission: To catch the criminals. First step: Be detached from what you ‘see’ whilst doing the Continue reading »

Use of Inspiration

What is inspiration? Inspiration can be: – the stimulation and awakening to a higher way of consciousness. – divine influence or guidance on the mind. How do they come? Do they just drop into our lives or do they drop into a fertile ground? One can never know. Pablo Neruda says: “Poetry came in search Continue reading »

Power of Clarity

How much clarity do we have about our world and ourselves? What is your view and understanding of this world? What is your view and understanding of yourself? Who am I? Am I just this body or am I more than this? The body replaces itself continuously; the whole of our skin is in fact Continue reading »

Good Feelings

What has happened so far today – big or small – that resulted in you feeling – however fleetingly – good? Scan back through the day. Maybe it was a blue sky, a smile, completing a project, a phone call, an email, your cat, catching that bus, etc? It is rare that there will not Continue reading »

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