We Have To Talk

Difficult conversations usually arise because: – I’m not doing something you want me to do. – I’m doing something that you would prefer me not to be doing. – You’re doing something I don’t want you to be doing. – You’re not doing something that I would like you to be doing. If we look Continue reading »

Meditation: Questions & Answers

Question: What leads you to meditation? Answer: Curiosity about what was going on in my own inner world. Question: How did you start to meditate? Answer: I was simply asked to turn inwards and to start looking at what was going on in my inner world. At first one sees a jumble of thoughts going Continue reading »

Intuition & Creativity

A child plays, discovers, becomes creative with what it discovers and then its intuition shows it what is possible… what to do. What is the difference between insight, instinct and intuition? *An insight: something that becomes apparent to me on the screen of my mind. *To act on instinct: something I do that is connected Continue reading »

Say No to No & Yes to Yes

Do you ever say yes when you mean no, and no when you really wanted to say yes? Why do we say yes when we mean no? How do you feel as a result of this? Why do we say no when we know it is right to say yes? How do you feel afterwards? Continue reading »


Is there something you keep re-living? A memory? A person? An event? An idea? An experience? Something you did? Something someone else did? Something unfair? What are you resisting or holding back? Where are you frozen in time? When we are stuck in somewhere in the past we lose the beauty of the present moment. Continue reading »

Energy In Times Of Crisis

In times of challenge/crisis/difficulty we tend to cry: why me?, then poor me!. These two thoughts pull us down (bring our energy down) and leave us feeling unable to cope and that things are impossible. So firstly we need to pay attention to not letting our energy go down. To these two thoughts. Then if Continue reading »

Your Mental Diet: We Are What We Eat

What is the state of your mind right now? Is it absorbed in one thing or into many things? Is it empty or full? Is it peaceful or agitated? Are there many thoughts racing in all directions or a calm focus? Observe the state of your mind over an hour. See what types of thoughts Continue reading »

The Art of Everything

What words are conjured up if you put the word ‘art’ before whatever it is you may be doing? Some examples that were given were: flow, care, joy, creativity, gratitude, energy and enthusiasm. What words come to mind when you remove this word and are just doing? Some examples given were: resistance, laborious, routine, have Continue reading »

Love Will Save the Day

True love is an experience in which we feel acceptance, freedom and no expectations. It is the core of our own being that we are looking for more than anything else: peace, love, power, happiness and wisdom. As 70% of the body is made of water and cannot last long without it so the soul Continue reading »

Mind Games

Without the flow of creativity life is dry. Routines and structures kill creativity. We rely on structures and we get scared when they are threatened. We are not rigid beings and we enjoy life when there is change and flow. We came to life to experience our creativity. What’s gone wrong? Something gets suppressed inside and Continue reading »

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