Art and Science of Meditation

When I feel stressed, when I feel that am not able to cope, my mind says ‘I need the experience of peace.’ The regular practice of meditation balances our lives and makes us ready for these kinds of situations. Finding the time for meditation? There is no need to go away to experience the beauty Continue reading »

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process of turning inwards to draw upon the enormous resources that are within. The word ‘meditation’ comes from: ‘medi’ meaning ‘to heal’ and ‘ation’ meaning ‘the art/act/process of healing.’ The thoughts which bring me back to my conscience and to my higher (original) self. ‘Original’ means ‘from the origin, from the self.’ Continue reading »

Meditation: Questions & Answers

Question: What leads you to meditation? Answer: Curiosity about what was going on in my own inner world. Question: How did you start to meditate? Answer: I was simply asked to turn inwards and to start looking at what was going on in my inner world. At first one sees a jumble of thoughts going Continue reading »

Meditation is Boring?

Check out with yourself the stages of meditation and see where you are. First stage: Thinking– equivalent to the waves on the surface of an ocean. Second stage: Feelings– equivalent to the currents beneath the waves. Currents are your conditionings; they keep you in a comfort zone and don’t allow you to go any further. Continue reading »