Asking The Right Question: Part 1

Right questions vs. Wrong questions Negative questions: Why do I feel so down? Why can’t I be happy? How come I never get time for myself? Positive questions: What can I do to energize myself? What can I read/listen to that will inspire me? Whatever you question, you become that: Weak/negative questions dis-empower – they Continue reading »

React Vs Responses

There has been some very interesting research within the last years concerning the workings of the brain. Generally speaking, especially in the west, we pride ourselves in thinking that we are logical creatures who work with reason. Not so!?! What research has been finding is that most of our responses are emotional ones rather than Continue reading »

We Have To Talk

Difficult conversations usually arise because: – I’m not doing something you want me to do. – I’m doing something that you would prefer me not to be doing. – You’re doing something I don’t want you to be doing. – You’re not doing something that I would like you to be doing. If we look Continue reading »