Being Too Busy: Commentary

Allow your body to become still.
Take a deep breath and let the oxygen energize every cell of your body.
Then breathe out any tension.
Allow yourself to become present.
Put a full stop to the past. It has gone. It has finished.
Then the future, it hasn’t happened yet.
Reality is now, in the present.

Now in the present become aware of the two worlds that exist;
The one outside of you and the one within you of your thoughts and feelings.
Choose to step inwards.
You see a room in your mind, behind your eyes.
In the middle of this room is a comfy chair.
You sit down.

Here you can step out of the costume(s) of the roles you have been playing today and just be you.
There are two large windows in front of you. Outside it is busy.
You just watch from inside.
Experience yourself to be a still point in midst of all business you see.
You are this still point.
Behind the mask(s) lies this pure essence of light and stillness.
Let this light fill your mind.
As it does it heals.

In this place of peace I find my original heart beat, the heart beat of the soul.
From here life is as a game. I can choose to play knowing that at any time I can step out back into this place.

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