London’s oasis of calm and insight

Inner Space is a meditation and personal development centre.

We feel being relaxed and recharged are fundamental to our well-being and success. That’s why we offer a wide variety of sessions, from Guided Meditations, Time Management, Stress Less, to Thinking Positively and Improving Self-esteem. All activities are free of charge, as we are funded by voluntary donations.

To support staff wellbeing, we run sessions for companies, government departments, community groups and charities and more.

Join us online for talks with guest speakers from around the world, self-improvement seminars and daily calming meditations.

Pop into Inner Space in Covent Garden to use our meditation room or browse through our shop for books, cards, posters.

Attend our group guided meditations for a sense of calm and togetherness, and our personal growth seminars at Inner Space in Covent Garden.

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