The Worry Solution

Worrying is not only a draining exercise, but it also doesn’t contribute to you feeling better or doing things better, it just makes you more worried.

Instead of worrying, try this:
1. Write down all your worries, and next to each worry, brainstorm solutions.
2. If you can do something, focus on the solutions, and you’ll feel less worried.
3. If you can’t do anything, replace the worry with an alternative positive affirmation or thought, and then remember this whenever the worry comes to your mind.

From a Place of Peace

When someone’s talking to you, can you hear what the other person is saying over the noise in your head? Listen from a place of noise and it can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes. Next time someone’s talking to you, reset your listening position to a place of peace. Do this as you’re listening – Continue reading »

The Creative Stimulus

To get creative, most of us need some sort of stimulus.  Stimulus sparks ideas and solutions.  So, get out and about, explore different spaces and places, read or listen to something you never would.  Be observant and open, and let creativity flow.

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