How To Beat Confusion

Confusion is like being unable to see the fuller or bigger picture altogether, rather i see so many pieces but have no idea what to make of the small pieces. Clarity doesn’t mean knowing everything rather it is like putting the frame of the puzzle together first, then after that the pieces come together. The frame of the puzzle of my life is the values and the rules that I am playing it with. Clarity comes from deeply knowing who you are and what you stand for in life. It is when my thoughts, feelings, actions and my destiny are aligned. A sense of purpose aligns our feelings and actions.

All of us have virtues and we especially love some of them. If you understand them and use them, they will open ‘the doors’. The challenge is to put ‘the thing’ that you believe into practice.

What causes confusion?
a. The influence of others. We are influenced when we have a lack of self esteem.

We are truly 100 % positive beings. Just accept this truth and also accept the negativity that you have accumulated along the way, because we need to heal them. As I love the negative parts of me, I start to release them, I start to accept others and life easily. “Accept and move on” rather then rejecting and getting stuck there and then I will have the courage not to try to please others.

b. Moving beyond our comfort zones. Just aim to get out of this confusion as fast as possible. The mother and father of confusion are fear and doubt. When I am acting from fear there’s denial of this beautiful being and it blocks all the love. Doubt is like a chain that doesn’t allow you to move on.
Have the thought: I will have no doubts for a year!

c. Boredom. Waste thoughts come with boredom and they block my ability to discern, which is linked to having clarity.

How to move from confusion to clarity?
1. Keep a very light heart. Separate the person from their actions, see beyond their behaviour.

2. Base your life on your values by using them daily. Then they become solid and nothing can shake you. It is like a compass that you are creating for your life. What makes me live for, what is it that I should be doing more? My north is truth and south is an honest heart, these are big steps to clarity.

3. Have a big heart, that is, a sense of gratitude, appreciation and compassion, which is the antidote for bad intentions and wrong motivations.

Become an observer of yourself. What is my motive as I am doing what I am doing right now? With an honest and big heart and an open mind I can allow myself to find out the right thing to do/be. Challenge your old beliefs.

One thought on “How To Beat Confusion

  1. I very much like this post…it’s just a nice message really. I do have a question though…can one be truly “clear” when focussing on anything?

    You mention holding onto particular values and becoming solid…wouldn’t this make you blind to the lessons that lie in the experiences you immediately judge because of those values? What I mean is that when we hold onto the perception of “right” and “wrong” we tend to avoid the wrong. If we really are eternal and without reason to fear, and if we do love those parts of us we currently view as “wrong” or even “self destructive”…how can we pass judgement? Isn’t judgement itself based on our own fear of this thing?

    If we truly love these parts of us, how can we say that anything they do is “bad”…they are eternal as well, and though they may “experience” pain but they can never truly be hurt…do they have anything to fear?
    If the ultimate goal is surrender…should we not surrender our ideas of right and wrong (values) and simply have faith? We always have choice.


    A Forgetful God

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